Sunday, November 4, 2012

More light for long autumn evenings

Since the last daylight saving time change, days have become way too short for me and it just keeps surprising me how early it's getting dark these days. Everyday strolls with my little one guarantee a regular dose of sunlight and fresh (chilly!) air, but as the evenings are getting longer, it calls for some extra sources of light.
Once your kid starts cruising around the house, placing candles and tealights around isn't such a good idea anymore. So what are the wiser lighting options? 

Below you can find some ideas to brighten your evenings and please your and your kid's eyes with soft, atmospheric light. Enjoy! :)

String light balls will decorate the room even when they're not lit, and in the evening they'll color nearby furniture and walls with warm magic light. 

 This Miffy lamp adds a giant load of cuteness to the room and some pretty, diffused light to play or nap to.
Source: Monjolishop

A tree hut lamp - if the forest theme is too much for you, try it on a simple wall. You'll like the soft and mysterious light it brings to the room. It's nice to imagine that up there, someone is watching over you when you sleep.

Egmont White Rabbit night lamp is a half-century old classic which matches really well simple modern design. It will bring warm, comforting light to the room and chase away any bad dreams.
Source: Bodie and Fou

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