Thursday, November 22, 2012

Every day is magic - advent calendars

Although in Poland the tradition of advent calendars isn't very strong, I love the idea of building anticipation before Christmas with tiny gifts or treats. 

When I was a kid, on the 6th of December (Saint Nicolas' name day) my parents used to give me a chocolate advent calendar with small chocolate pieces hidden under numbered sections for every day of December, up until the 24th. Since I loved sweets, I couldn't resist eating all 6 chocolates from those first days of the month at once, but then I would discipline myself, and for the following days I would only open and eat one piece a day, celebrating each precious bite. I still love this memory, so every December I keep sharing chocolate advent calendars with my parents and my husband.

Chocolate calendars are the easiest way for a Christmas warm-up. But if you're not happy with a ready-made box of chocolates, how about preparing your own little piece of Christmas art? Just look at the examples below for inspiration.

Woodland calendar with handmade paper creatures and scenery - if you use them to roleplay with your kid, they will last much longer than just advent time.

Triangle envelopes form a garland filled with advent gifts. Simple and stylish - just pick the colors that will best match the interior.

On the road to Christmas, you can visit little cardboard houses which hide tiny everyday treats. How creative! 
Source: Snug Online


Decorated pegs and brown paper parcels make for very simple and pretty calendars. Great for kids and adults alike.

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