Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hug me! Plush love.

Recently I caught myself thinking that all toys need to be developmental, stimulate senses, movement, reflexes and what not, otherwise they're not worth having. Our boy does have 3 or 4 stuffed toys at home but I just never really thought they might be special to him (at least, not yet). But last weekend we went to a toy store and only there did I realize how exciting plush toys can be for a 10 month old kiddo. We drove his stroller into the teddy bear alley and his smile and happy squeals just wouldn't end, as he was trying to pat as many toys as he could possibly reach. 

That was beyond cute, obviously, but also eye-opening. Have I forgotten how I loved my one and only shaggy, old teddy bear? How strong my feelings were for that little scruffy fellow and how much we shared together? Well, I guess I must have, a bit. So when I got back home I decided to start looking for a really lovely plushie for my boy. Perhaps one day it might also become his best plush buddy.

Below are some of my findings (and they're not just for boys, as I couldn't resist sharing some beautiful dolls). They're all unique and manually crafted. 
Let me know which one you would choose - for a kid or just for you? Also, if you know other lovely plushies, do share a link.

Baltazar the flat by Leluko

L'Aggeggio by contemori

Angelo and Lisa chez Lempicka by Little Lisa Smile

Fur coat doll by the cat in the shoe and Ida doll by Sarah Strachan

Yellow Lemon Plush by Happy Plush Plush

Laurence the pocket polar bear by OhAlbatross

Egg Fella with Striped Trousers by The Black Apple

Oh my deer! by Vibys

Young Yeti by Entala

Polar Teddy and Pink SheBear by Bambaks


  1. Mimo zauroczenia Idą jestem przekonana, że to lalka dla dorosłych. 2fancy. (mewant. ;)) meanwhile, i'm about to find the best xmas gift for my american niece and i'm in a deep shit.

  2. Dla doroslych albo wyrobionych estetycznie kilkulatek :))
    Too many great options or too few?

  3. i've got a strong feeling my "great" ideas won't be concerned as "great"... on the other hand: my vision what little girl would love. on another: some advices from people who DO HAVE 3-year old doughters and they DO KNOW what their little princesses are REALLY in love with. This knowledge kills me. ;) And wiesz, że nienawidzę tego języka przez mój wrodzony talent do stosowania kalek językowych oraz lenistwo. ;) jak jej się nie spodoba szal foks od celapiu, następnym razem kupię zgodnie za radami chiński mikrofon w gwiazdki i helołtitty, z buczącym głośnikiem. ;]

  4. dylemat znany, mam tylko nadzieje, ze dzieki konsekwencji w ograniczaniu plastiku na rzecz fajnosci na wlasnym podworku bedzie troche latwiej.
    a szale boskie, trzymam kciuki za liska :)

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