Thursday, October 18, 2012

A beautiful nest

Before I had a child, I wasn't really into kids stuff. Basically, I believed that you cannot reconcile adult love for design with kids paraphernalia. At first glance, it all seemed vanilla to me - pale blue or sweet pink, ribbons, bears, flowers, hearts... Too much form, too little love and creativity.

Fortunately, once you start digging into the subject, you can happily discover many alternatives to mainstream pinks and blues, like the little bedrooms inspired by Scandinavian design, minimal or vintage style, that I'm presenting below.

Modern, joyful, light and serene thanks to neutral base palette (white, greys and, yes, black!), with occasional swatches of colour and artful design. Later this month, I will also show you some of my favorite kids clothes, toys and gadgets. Enjoy!

Multicolor swatches against pure white space bring joy and simplicity. I can imagine how kids must love playing in this room - you can feel the free-spirited, positive energy in the air.
Photo by Petra Bindel

Monochromatic, yet not boring, nor sad. Lively contrasting patterns liven up the space and make for a great background for the kids - either to play or sleep sound.
Source: Caisa K.

Monochromatic with just one strong graphic accent. Simple, vintage, warm - perfection. And I'd love to have this bedding myself!
Source: Kjerstis Lykke

Chill-out in whites. The monochromatic space feels soft and calm, perfect for a little bedroom.

Soft natural hues serve as background for colorful toys and books. Natural materials add warmth to the interior.
Source: Jelanie

Grey, black, white and yellow. The choice of colors is not obvious and it suits well both sexes, as well as different purposes of the room - from playtime to relaxation and sleep.
Source: Kesalla Kerran

A graphic grey wallpaper adds depth to the room and captures the imagination, inviting to dreamed-up travels and adventures.
Source: Mr Perswall

Black wall may not be the first choice for a child's bedroom, but here it works great, bringing out the colorful mobile, toys and accessories.

Yet another black wall, here in chalk paint, invites children to play. A contrasting wallpaper roll reminds us we're in a kids area and dotted lamp and bedding bring yet more light accents.
Source: Onszelf


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