Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wood, paper, metal

Today let's have a look at toys that can be a healthy alternative to those popular plastic toys that hurt eyes and - pretty often - ears. Examples collected below are made (mostly) of natural materials. They are simple, functional and support kids' development... as well as good taste. 

Perhaps next time you start looking for gifts for your little ones (Xmas is pretty close), this list might be of help. 

Children love imitating adults but we're not always willing to allow them to do so (you wouldn't want your little one to drool over your iPhone or detach random keys from the keyboard...). But if they saw you snapping photos with Instagram (well, surely!), they will love having their own version of it. This wooden Anagram toy camera is a cool invention from Etsy's Twig Creative and a great gift for future little photographers. As an avid Instagram user, I'm thinking of getting one already.

Shusha creates beautiful wooden learning toys that help kids develop motor skills, teach them logical thinking, as well as boost imagination and good taste. I especially like their wooden people's faces that allow to learn emotions by playing with tens of different expressions.
Source: Shusha Toys

FaceMaker wooden blocks from Miller Goodman offer the same kind of fun though the design is more universal, suiting anyone from 1 to 100 y.o. That's the power of simple form and unlimited imagination. Pure joy!
Source: Shhhop

 In hands (and eyes) of an imaginative child paper can be as inspiring as any other toy. Here are some unbelievably pretty paper creations from a Swedish artist Fideli Sundqvist that can take you places. 

Moving on! And what better way to combine the desire to do just like your parents and move around (after all, it's a recent skill that gives so much satisfaction) than riding your own bike, car or... animal?

As I've only learned recently, the best first bikes are those without pedals - or so called running bikes. There is a great variety of those, but I think I like most simple wooden bikes from Wishbone. And if they look too plain for you, perhaps Janod's Vespa-inspired wooden scooter would be a better choice? Both kinds are cute, stylish and guarantee great fun for kids.
Source: Lime Tree Kids and Wishbone

For interior use, you might consider ride ons. Wheely Bug offers great ride ons for kids as young as 1 y.o. Their cute creations are made of wood and offer a safe and fun way to zoom around the house or apartment (as the wheels can move in all directions, your little one won't get stuck meandering between pieces of furniture). It can also be used as a pusher when the child is learning to walk. I guess the only problem is choosing the perfect bug for your kiddo - will it be more fun to ride a pig, a lion or a ladybug? :)
Source: Wheely Bug

If you're not into cute animals, why not offer your child a (toy) car? My favorite little cars are Schylling's Speedster metal ride ons. The classic race car silhouette and vintage look guarantee the machine won't be limited to the kids room. And I guess the kids should enjoy it, too.

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