Friday, October 19, 2012

Wrap me pretty

Perhaps it's autumn that makes me love this earthy color palette so much, while during the summer I was all about contrasts, stripes and nautical themes.

I like how, without stronger color accents, those delicate clothes don't compete with their wearers, but accentuate kids beauty and personality. And how natural and effortless they look - no overdressing, just the kind of clothes I could imagine feeling comfortable in (and cool!) myself.

Below are some of my favorite findings from recent collections - simple, warm, vintage'y. And what are your favorites?

Denim hues and greys work great for kids and babies alike. The cut and choice of materials is different, but just look how cool all of them look. Bonus: the mustache theme, I love it!
Source: Idig Denim and Z8-baby

Polka dots make me think of innocence, youth and delicacy. This cool gentleman knows how to give them some edge - hand painted leggings turn the outfit into a vibrant, rock'n'roll set. On the other hand, this pouting little lady gets a softer look, more appropriate for her age, thanks to the dotted skirt - as the blacks alone would make it a rather serious outfit.
Source: Alisa Burke and browndresswithwhitedots

Graphic elements and patterns add new life to common pieces of clothing. Have I already said how much I love the mustache theme? 
Source: Bobo Choses and Kids On The Moon

Simplicity is the key - from the limited color palette to the cut. I really like how elegant they look, without being overdressed.
Source: Club Cinq and Kviddevitt

Simple pieces in softer tones - beige and salmon work great for girls and boys alike.

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