Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Perhaps it's the memory of a time spent in the womb, or maybe even the smallest creatures have the need for some privacy and their own separate space. Whatever the reason, even a-few-month-old kids enjoy playing in cardboard boxes or crawling through tunnels. Our 9m son loves hiding under the blanket with his daddy - there his toys suddenly become more interesting and he giggles frantically playing peek-a-boo. As kids grow more independent, they invent their own secret hiding spaces, where they can unleash their imagination and play for hours, immersed in the wonderland.

Below I would like to show you some inspiring examples of little indoor hideaways - from teepees to castles and rockets. Kids' imagination has no limits, so why not feed it in someplace creative.

When I first read that this play hut from Our Children's Gorilla is called a Skull Cave, it sounded a bit creepy to me. But then if you think of Indiana Jones' adventures, the idea becomes much more fun, not to mention that hidden inside it, your kid will become a true mastermind ;) 
Source: Weekday Carnival 

A curious fan of space travels will surely love this cardboard spaceship. You can buy it from Cox&Cox and invite your kid to give it a personal touch by assembling and decorating its walls. 
Source: Cox&Cox 

Add some magic to a simple bed and cover it with cozy bed curtains. Grab your toys and embark on a great trip under a map-printed fabric. 
Source: Pinjacolada 

A teepee that matches a minimal living room design. While it looks rather austere on the outside, the true magic awaits inside. 
Source: Mokkasin 

This colorful teepee was hand-made for little Rowan. It contains books, pillows and a cheetah - what a perfect reading nook. 
Source: Jen Loves Kev 

A rather conceptual hideaway house, but who said you can't imagine the walls are there. 
Source: Jenni Juurinen 

My home is my castle. And it has a guest bedroom too, so hop in. 
Source: Nicety 

A mobile hideaway. It can be a smart solution for smaller houses or shared rooms, allowing to rearrange the space in seconds and... move on a bohemian trip or a rock tour. 
Source: Designoform 

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